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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:United States of America
I am Verdelet, a child of Cain, the Witch Father.

I am a traditionalist witch and have been for over 40 years. This is neither my first nor my primary journal, but is generally reserved for thoughts along a more Traditionalist point of view.

I attempt to garden, as one should expect from the name, yet concede that the wild plants take more root than those I cultivate. Perhaps this is as it should be.

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1734, ancestor worship, ancestors, andrew chumbley, angels, annwfn, ballads, bean sidhe, blacksmithing, bones, celestials, charles de lint, clan of tubal cain, cochrane, craft lore, crossed with silver, crossroads, cultus sabbati, cunning art, cunning folk, cunning path, daniel schulke, daoine sidhe, dark witchcraft, demons, divination, drum circle, drumming, ecstasy, elegua, elphame, enochian magick, fae, faery, faery faith, fallen angel, fallen angels, faƫrie, fey, folk magic, folklore, gardening, green gowns, green living, green party, grigori, gwydion pendderwyn, gwyn, hedgecraft, herbalism, herbs, history, intelligent people, intitiatory witchcraft, kitchen witchery, lilith, literature, living lightly, luciferian gnosis, luciferian witchcraft, lumiel, michael howard, mike howard, nameless art, nature, nephelim, nijel jackson, nijel pennick, non-wiccan witchcraft, old straight track, old tradition crafte, oldcraft, organic, organic cotton, organic foods, organic gardening, pacific northwest, peacock angel, peacock feathers, philosophy, ravens, reading, recycling, red thread, rj stewart, robert cochrane, robin hood, rootworkers, roses, rum, sabbatic craft, sabbatic witchcraft, serpents, sex, shadow, shamanism, shapeshifting, sidhe, single malt scotch, steeleye span, sympathetic magic, tam lin, the four cities, the horned one, the otherworld, the queen of elfland, the summer queen, the underworld, the wild hunt, thinning the veil, thomas the rhymer, tiw, trad witches, tradcraft, traditional initiatory witchcraft, traditional witchcraft, traditionalist, traditionalist witchcraft, traditionalists, trance, twa magicians, underhill, unnatural history, urban fantasy, walking between worlds, watchers, werewolves, wild elves, wild things, wisdom, wit, witch, witch blood, witch cult, witch fire, witchcraft, witchcraft not wicca, witches, woodlands, wort cunning, wortcunning, writing, yemaya, zero population growth
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